Cocaine from Ecuador found in Polish chain’s banana shipment

By Dialogo
April 20, 2012

WARSAW, Poland — A hundred kilograms (220 pounds) of cocaine have been found in banana shipments delivered to hypermarkets in Poland owned by France’s Auchan chain, police and storeowners said April 20.
The drugs were found in one of the chain’s warehouses, concealed in a banana shipment from Ecuador, according to authorities.
“The drugs came from South America, passing through Western Europe, and arrived in Poland via a new smuggling route,” police spokesman Sebastian Fabianski told reporters.
Auchan’s spokeswoman in Poland, Dorota Patejko, told reporters on April 20 that “an investigation is underway.”
Last month, a 30-kilogram haul of cocaine was discovered in a banana-ripening warehouse in Zgorzelec on Poland’s border with Germany.
Those drugs were thought to have arrived from Ecuador via Belgium in a shipment that was sent “by mistake” to Poland, the Polish PAP news agency reported, quoting local police.

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