Clandestine Tunnel Found on the Mexican-U.S. Border

By Dialogo
January 08, 2013

A sophisticated tunnel, which would be used for drugs and trafficking undocumented migrants, was found on January 5, the Mexicali police informed, near the border with the United States.

The tunnel entrance was a warehouse located 300 meters from the border between Mexicali and Calexico in California, Mexican Chief of Police Marco Antonio Carrillo, told AFP.

The tunnel has a ventilation system and lighting, and it is considered “the most sophisticated one found so far in the last few years, and it has wood in its structure,” explained Carrillo, who added that it was located thanks to an anonymous call.

According to the authorities, the tunnel is 10 meters deep and about 30 meters long in the direction of the border, and was still under construction. A man was arrested at the scene.

The discovery of tunnels between the Mexican and United States border has increased, especially in the northeast region.

The passages, some of them rudimentary, and others sophisticated, are used by organized crime groups to traffic drugs and undocumented migrants bound for the United States.