Chilean Soldier Wounded in Mine Explosion at Peruvian Border

By Dialogo
August 16, 2012

A Chilean Army soldier was wounded on August 14, when a landmine exploded while he was performing humanitarian demining on the border between Chile and Peru, according to the official statement.

Corporal Arturo Riveros was injured “when a landmine detonated, resulting in a minor fracture in his right foot”, the Army statement indicated.

The incident occurred while Riveros was “clearing the landmines in the general vicinity of Quebrada de Escritos”, a routine activity the Chilean Army performs around the border, the statement reported.

The Non-commissioned Officer was taken to a clinic in the city of Arica, about 2,100 km north of Santiago, where he was diagnosed with a broken toe on his right foot, and determined to be medically stable.

In February, various mines have been uncovered in the Chilean territory of Quebrada de Escritos, near the Peruvian territory.

In May, the detonation of one of the anti-tank landmines resulted in the death of a Peruvian citizen who was trying to drive illegally across the international border.

The humanitarian organization, known as the Norwegian People’s Aid, has been designated by the Peruvian and Chilean governments for the removal of mines along their shared border.