Chilean Military Personnel Compete in VTR Chiloé Regatta

By Dialogo
January 27, 2012

Seven Chilean Navy yachts are competing in the South American country’s most important nautical event, the 2012 VTR Chiloé Regatta, which includes 60 vessels and more than 500 crew members from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, the United States, and Uruguay, in addition to the host country.

The head of the Chilean Navy, Admiral Edmundo González Robles, who attended the regatta’s opening ceremony on January 21, highlighted the work that the Military is doing on security and logistical tasks. “We’re not only participating in the competition with seven yachts; we also have the presence of ships, helicopters, port captaincies, and maritime administrative districts to watch over each one of the 700 crew members, and also, so that they respect the anti-pollution regulations of our sea,” he stressed.

The VTR Chiloé, held on Chiloé Big Island, is the country’s most important regatta and will conclude on January 28.