Chilean Army Tests First Unmanned Aircraft

Chilean Army Tests First Unmanned Aircraft

By Dialogo
November 28, 2012

Chile’s Minister of National Defense, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, arrived in the region of Biobío on November 23 to witness the test flight of the Army’s first unmanned aircraft, a prototype called “Lascar,” which has been manufactured since 2008 and is currently undergoing tests.

The “Lascar” prototype was developed by the Chilean Army, with the collaboration of the University of Concepción and a private enterprise. Among its multi-purpose applications, the aircraft can monitor water sources, volcanic eruptions, natural disasters, rescue operations, fires, and fishing explorations.

“We are proud of the Army, our Chilean Army, working together with the University of Concepción, an outstanding and traditional institution in the region, and the private enterprise, to jointly develop an unmanned aircraft that will benefit our country, which faces so many challenges in terms of natural disasters,” concluded Minister Hinzpeter.

The Minister of Defense added that the joint development of this prototype “is proof that Chile has the intelligence and innovation capabilities for entrepreneurship of this nature, which is sometimes thought of as being assets or a monopoly of highly developed countries.”