Chilean Armed Forces Conduct Joint Training Operation Huracán 2015

Chilean Armed Forces Conduct Joint Training Operation Huracán 2015

By Dialogo
December 29, 2015

Well THAT’S being prepared physically, above all mentally, best regards to all the forces of every nation and may you have a Happy New Year 2016. Best regards comrade in arms. VERY GOOD ARTICLES. CONGRATULATIONS. This is what it means to be courageous. Congratulations to all the military forces of the world who make an effort to do a decent job especially those from my country the Dominican Republic. Keep it up, boys

Fifty-five hundred Chilean Army, Navy, and Air Force (FACh) service members participated in Huracán 2015
, a series of joint sea, air, and land exercises conducted from November 8-13th in Tarapacá's Region I, in northern Chile.

The training was designed to teach Troops how to protect civilians during natural disasters, conduct national defense operations, and promote international cooperation.

“Huracán 2015 is coordinated by Chile's Joint Staff in its role as the driver of force in case of external or internal conflict,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Augusto Scarella Arce, the Secretary General of Chile's Joint Chiefs of Staff, in an interview with Diálogo.

Tanks, frigates, submarines, and combat and transport aircraft were used during the exercise by more than 2,500 Troops from the Army, 2,000 Sailors from the Navy, and 1,000 personnel from FACh.

Huracán 2015
, directed by the country's Joint Chiefs of Staff, is considered the most important exercise the Chilean Armed Forces conduct, given the large deployment of staff and vehicles. The operation tests interoperability capabilities and force procedures.

“(We are seeking) to train the participating forces from a joint point of view, so as to achieve a synergy among the capabilities of each of the participating bodies,” said Lieutenant General Arturo Merino, Chairman Chilean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Huracán 2015
's tactical operations portions were held at Armed Forces' training camps in the cities of Iquique, Pozo Almonte, and in the coastal area of Pisagua, all in Tarapacá. Meanwhile, Army Special Forces Troops conducted a joint airborne and amphibious drill with the Navy in Punta Pisagua on the Pacific Ocean.

The final joint aerial-terrestrial operation – a counter-ground forces offensive, during which the Army created a task force – was at the Army’s training camp in Pampa Perdiz, located 30 kilometers to the north of Iquique. Training ended with all personnel eating a traditional meal known as a "rancho."

Major part of new service members' training

The Huracán
program, which has been held annually in November since its inception in 2000, is a major part of new Chilean service members' training. From March to July, the new personnel complete basic training and are inducted as Soldiers before going through skill-specific "maneuvers" training and assigned to Squadrons, Battalions, Brigades, and Divisions. Service members who complete maneuvers training participate in joint training exercises.

“They are the culmination of a series of training sessions that are held throughout the year,” said Lieutenant General John Griffiths Spielman, Commander of Chile's Joint Command North.
“In order to subsequently achieve the use of this force in a joint environment, wherein we learn important lessons.”