Chilean and Uruguayan Presidents Will Visit Bases in Antarctica

By Dialogo
January 06, 2012

The presidents of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, and Uruguay, José Mujica, will make a visit to their countries’ bases in Antarctica between January 13 and 15, Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno announced.

“President Mujica accepted the invitation to visit Antarctica that the Chilean president made to him in 2010,” Moreno explained.

The presidents will visit Chile’s Eduardo Frei Montalva Base and Uruguay’s Artigas Antarctic Scientific Base, at the South Pole.

In February 2011, Piñera made a trip to Antarctica with his Ecuadorean counterpart, Rafael Correa, on which occasion they visited the Chilean facilities and Ecuador’s Pedro Vicente Maldonado Base.

Moreno made the announcement at La Moneda Palace after participating in a meeting of the Antarctic Policy Council, which was created in 1978 and is responsible for maintaining the Chilean base and the scientific projects carried out in the country’s Antarctic territory, which covers an area of 1,250,000 square km.

I thought "Antártida" was the name of the place, not "Antártica".