Chile Arrests Three Argentine Drug Traffickers

By Dialogo
February 08, 2012

Three Argentine citizens, one of them a police officer, were arrested in Chile while transporting around 300 kilos of marijuana on mules and horses across an unauthorized border crossing in the Andes mountain range, the Chilean police announced.

The Argentine nationals Carlos Lucero, Horacio Cortés, and Juan Pablo Alcaraz “were transporting the drugs on mules and horses” from the city of Mendoza, Argentina, and were seeking to enter Chile by crossing the mountain range “to Maipo Canyon [52 km east of the Chilean capital], in a two-day trip,” prosecutor Andrés Castellanos told the local press.

The Chilean Investigative Police calculated the value of the drugs seized at around 3 million dollars.

The Carabineros, Chile’s national paramilitary police force, arrested the three Argentine citizens and two additional Chilean nationals on February 5, when they were unloading the marijuana and firearms from the animals onto motorized vehicles.

One of the gang’s leaders and the person in charge of crossing the border with the animals was Argentine police officer Alcaraz, said Juan Baeza, head of the Chilean Investigative Police.

According to Baeza, “we’ve been investigating” Alcaraz “for a month a half for bringing in drugs.”

The five individuals arrested are being held pending trial, and the drugs, the weapons, and the animals were seized by the police.