Chief of Colombian Drug Trafficking Organization Captured in Ecuador

By Dialogo
August 22, 2013

Jorge Domínguez (aka ‘Palustre’), leader of extreme-right wing criminal gang‘Los Rastrojos’, was captured, the Ecuadorean government announced on August 21.

“He is one of Colombia’s most wanted, and will be immediately extradited,” said the Minister of Interior, José Serrano, via Twitter.

Domínguez, one of the leaders of ‘Los Rastrojos’, was arrested in the northeastern town of Manta, by counter-drug police, according to the official. Ecuadorean authorities did not give any further details about the arrest.

‘Los Rastrojos’, originally a criminal gang, strengthened after the disarmament and demobilization of the United Self-Defenses of Colombia (AUC), and is now also dedicated to drug trafficking as well as the main extreme right wing armed organization in the South American nation.

‘Palustre’ has been identified as the former leader of the gunmen for a powerful drug trafficking gang known as the Comba brothers, whose main leaders surrendered to U.S. Justice.

‘Los Rastrojos’ operate in a vast area in south and southwest Colombia, and it is considered the main criminal gang in the country, along with ‘Los Urabeños’ fighting a bloody turf war over control of drug trafficking routes.