Central America’s Next Energy Sources

By Dialogo
October 01, 2010

I like it so much. It’s admirable that you can use the volcanoes as a source of energy, I am convinced that the creator left everything in due course. Congratulations to the governments of Central America.

Central America’s volcanoes may serve to alleviate the region’s energy needs.
Extracting geothermal energy from the volcanoes is a viable option for many Central
American countries, given that the region contains as many as 80 volcanoes,
according to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington,
Guatemala, the largest Central American country, seeks to produce 60 percent
of its energy from geothermal or hydroelectric power plants by 2022. Geothermal
power plants can be costly, but the Guatemalan government is providing tax
incentives for the equipment needed to install them. Currently, the Guatemalan
volcano Pacaya feeds one of the two geothermal plants in service in the
Other Central American countries are also taking steps toward this
alternative energy source. El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua all produce limited
energy with geothermal technology. Plans to increase energy levels through
geothermal plants are in progress.