Central American Defense Ministers Meet to Promote Coordinated Cooperation

By Dialogo
February 04, 2011

The defense ministers of Central America met in San Salvador on 3 February to engage in dialogue on cooperation in the regional fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, and organized crime.

The Salvadoran Defense Ministry has announced that on that date, the ministers held the Twenty-Fourth Ordinary Meeting of the High Council of the Central American Armed Forces Conference (CFAC), where they discussed progress on the cooperation plan for the fight against organized crime and gangs, as well as support programs in cases of natural disasters.

In addition, they addressed cooperation programs in the areas of education and military training.

The CFAC brought together the defense ministers of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic, while Costa Rica and Panama did not participate in the session, since they have not had armed forces since 1948 and 1989, respectively.

In the course of the regional meeting, the ministers decorated the Salvadoran president, Mauricio Funes, with the “Gold Cross” (“Cruz de Oro”) medal in the first degree.