Central America to Debate Alternatives for Combating Drug Trafficking

By Dialogo
March 05, 2012

The presidents of Central America will debate alternatives for confronting drug trafficking, which has engaged in increased violence over 30 years in the region, Guatemalan Vice President Roxana Baldetti announced in Honduras on March 1.

The Guatemalan official was in Honduras to meet with President Porfirio Lobo to discuss this, on a trip that included previous stops in Panama and Costa Rica and continued in Nicaragua.

“We already have a positive proposal from President (Ricardo) Martinelli (of Panama), a positive response from President (Laura) Chinchilla (of Costa Rica), and today, President Lobo’s agreement to hold talks on this issue,” she stated.

“We’re precisely at the point of setting up those talks,” she stressed, although she did not specify the date and place of a meeting.

Baldetti explained that Guatemalan President Otto Pérez is proposing to organize talks in search of “different alternatives” for combatting drug trafficking and the violence associated with this illicit business.

“We’re talking about the presidents, the leaders of Central America, sitting down to discuss and search for alternatives that can enable us as citizens to have a different Central America, a Central America at peace,” she emphasized.

“Hopefully, God will allow us to be able to find a different route to be able to combat a severe plague that is doing a huge amount of damage to the entire Central American area,” the Guatemalan vice president declared.

For his part, Lobo said that he had listened to the Guatemalan vice president on the proposed talks, which “also have to possibly encompass Mexico and Colombia” in order “for us to raise the issue of what to do” in response to drug trafficking.

“Many efforts have been made in Colombia and in Mexico, but drugs continue to circulate, and we, who are in the corridor between where they’re produced and where they’re consume, are the ones who suffer the most, because the loss of human life is tremendous in this region,” he regretted.