Brazilian President Welcomed Military World Games Medal Winners

Brazilian President Welcomed Military World Games Medal Winners

By Dialogo
August 02, 2011

In the Noble Hall of the Palácio do Planalto, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff welcomed approximately 70 medal-winning athletes from the 5th Military World Games – Rio 2011. Defense Minister Nelson Jobim also participated in the event.

During the reception, President Rousseff made a point of personally greeting each of the athletes and highlighted the unprecedented first-place showing by the Brazilians during the competition. “You gave your country an example of perseverance and success,” the president said.

President Rousseff also congratulated the defense minister and the Armed Forces for the quality of the organization of the Games and stated that this is an important moment in Brazilian history.

According to the president, helping athletes is part of Brazil’s mission. She also affirmed that the success of the Rio 2011 Games proves that the country is prepared for the upcoming sports events. “We can indeed put on both a good World Cup and good Olympic Games.”

In the name of the medal winners, Air Force Capt. Eduardo Utzig da Silva, a gold medalist in the pentathlon, expressed the athletes’ thanks for the support provided by the government. President Rousseff was presented with a picture showing the gold, silver, and bronze medals and the commemorative coin of the 5th Military World Games.

The commanders of the three branches of the Armed Forces and the military authorities who were part of the organizing committee of the Games were also present at the event.