Brazilian President Expects to Visit Cuba and Haiti

Brazilian President Expects to Visit Cuba and Haiti

By Dialogo
January 10, 2012

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff plans to visit Cuba and Haiti at the end of January, on a trip intended to strengthen cooperation with Havana and expand aid to the Haitians two years after an earthquake devastated their country, official sources announced.

Rousseff, who has completed her first year at the head of Latin America’s largest economy, will begin her activity abroad with a pair of visits to Havana and Port-au-Prince on January 31, and February 1, respectively, according to the state information agency.

A source in the president’s office told AFP that she will also offer her support for the “construction of a hydroelectric power plant on the Artibonite River, in southern Haiti,” the source added.

The president included the hemisphere’s poorest country on her foreign agenda, a country from which growing numbers of Haitians are migrating to Brazil in search of work, often with the help of human traffickers who abuse them, as a human-rights official recently told AFP.

In the city of Brasileia alone, on the northern border with Peru, 1,250 Haitians have arrived – many of them in the first week of January and with health problems – and are receiving state aid, said Nilson Mourão, the secretary of justice and human rights of the Acre state.