Brazilian Police Detained 36 People Suspected Of Drug Trafficking To Europe

By Dialogo
October 31, 2011

The Brazilian police arrested 36 people involved in international drug trafficking on October 27.

They had been buying cocaine in Bolivia and marihuana in Paraguay, and the drugs were to be shipped to Europe, according to a statement issued by the Federal Police.

“The group was made up of Brazilian, South American and European citizens who brought to Brazil cocaine from Bolivia, and marihuana from Paraguay. The drugs were sent to Europe and Africa”, said the police.

During the operation, 80,000 reals were confiscated, (about US$46,800), along with 10 high-end vehicles, and weapons.

Thanks to ‘Operation Seed’, which started a year ago, about 70 people had already been arrested under drug trafficking charges, “one of which is suspected of belonging to the Calabrian mafia in Italy”, specified the statement.

During this period, the police seized 9,540 pounds of cocaine and 11,490 pounds of marihuana, as well as more than one million reals (about US$585,500), 48 vehicles and an airplane.

According to the authorities, the parties involved are facing up to 20 years of prison time.