Brazilian Navy Conducts Operation Caribex 2020

Brazilian Navy Conducts Operation Caribex 2020

By Eduardo Szklarz/Diálogo
January 19, 2021

During November and December, the Brazilian Navy (MB, in Portuguese) conducted Operation Caribex 2020 to increase the level of operational readiness between the navies and strengthen the bonds of friendship with Caribbean countries. MB’s patrol ships Macau and Bocaina were part of the Caribex 2020 Task Force, responsible for carrying out the operation.

The first port visited was Georgetown, capital of Guyana, where the ships launched the mission on November 9.

On November 25, during Operation Caribex 2020, Brazilian Navy ships strengthened their joint operation capability with TTS Brighton, a Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard vessel. (Photo: Brazilian Navy)

“After passing through Guyana, the Task Force launched operations on November 11, in collaboration with Joint Interagency Task Force South, to combat illegal activities in the Caribbean by monitoring ship traffic in the area of interest,” said the MB in a statement.

On November 17, Brazilian ships conducted a passing exercise with the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard ship Jaguar, near Willemstad, capital of Curacao.

“Exercises with partner nations enable the use of naval power in times of peace, contributing to the countries’ foreign policies,” informed the MB. “They also promote the mutual exchange of experiences and increased interoperability between naval resources.”

On November 22, during Operation Caribex 2020, the Task Force conducted joint activities with the British Royal Navy’s HMS Medway, near Willemstad.

“They carried out tactical maneuvers that ended with the HMS Medway saluting the patrol ships Macau and Bocaina,” stated the MB.

The operation continued on November 25, with Brazilian ships increasing the level of training with the vessel TTS Brighton, a Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard vessel, near this Caribbean nation.

On November 30, Brazilian ships and the Rutu, from Suriname’s Coast Guard, demonstrated their communication and joint operation capabilities.