Brazilian Modern Pentathlon Team Champions in England

Brazilian Modern Pentathlon Team Champions in England

By Dialogo
May 15, 2013

On May 1st, the Brazilian Modern Pentathlon Military Team won the British Army’s Modern Pentathlon International Competition, in Sandhurst, England. It is a competition recognized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM) which gathered athletes from Europe and South America.

Petty Officer Second Class Yane Marques, from the 7th Military Region and a favorite in the event, won the women’s individual fencing and swimming competitions, with 5,084 points. Petty Officer Second Class Priscila Oliveira, with the Army Sports Committee (CDE), won the equestrian and combined events, and ranked second with a total of 5,020 points. As a result, the Brazilian Military Sports Committee women’s team took the podium for individual competitions, and won the overall title for female group, with seven participating teams.

In the male competition, 1st Lieutenant Barrosos Magno with the Military Institute of Engineering (IME) and silver medalist at the 5th Military World Games, finished in 2nd place, with 5,592 points, after winning 2nd place in the swimming and combined events, and the 5th place in fencing and horseback riding. The champion was German Captain Alexander Nobis, with 5,740 points, followed by Welsh Lieutenant Alex Fraser, with 5,296 points.

The next Modern Pentathlon assignment for the Brazilian Military Team will be during the finals at the Modern Pentathlon World Cup, in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, in Russia, from May 31 through June 6.

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