Brazilian Military Team Wins First Gold Medal in Triathlon World Championship

Brazilian Military Team Wins First Gold Medal in Triathlon World Championship

By Dialogo
August 29, 2012

The national anthem and the green and yellow flag took over the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, on August 25. For the first time, Brazil was on top of the podium in the female, male, and mixed teams’ modalities in the Triathlon World Championship (swimming, cycling, and running). The Brazilian athletes qualified in all five categories of the competition, bringing home three gold medals, one silver and one bronze.

The positive outcome, according to the chief of the Brazilian delegation, Colonel Mario Felizardo Medina, surprised the competitors, who placed the Chinese, French, and Polish delegates as favorites. “The strategy used in the competition was very important, and also the job well done by the team”, he stated.

According to the colonel, in addition to their opponents, the Brazilian athletes faced difficulties with the time difference (five hours ahead of their capital, Brasília), the food, and the fact that they had arrived to the European country the day before the competition.

Once more, the female participation stood out among the Brazilian military athletes. The winner of one of the gold medals was 24-year-old Sergeant Pâmella Nascimento de Oliveira, from Rio Grande do Sul. The athlete is now the world military champion. She recently participated in the 2012 London Olympic Games, and also won the bronze medal in the Pan-American Games last year.
Another Army officer, 26-year-old Sergeant Reinaldo Colucci, from São Paulo, won a gold medal for the Brazilian team in the individual modality. He is the current Pan-American Triathlon champion. He gained the lead during the running portion of the last competition, guaranteeing the medal. In his personal website he said he was “very happy and proud to see the Brazilian flag at the top.”

The mixed team won the third gold medal. The results gave Brazil first place on the podium.

The Brazilian military also won a silver medal for the male team, for which the teamwork of Army sergeants Reinaldo Colucci, Marcus Fernandes, Bruno Matheus, Wesley Matos, as well as that of Major Kelmerson Buck, and Capitan Diefferson Felix prevailed. The female team won the bronze, with Army sergeants Pâmella Oliveira, Flávia Fernandes, and Vanessa Gianinni; and sailors Carolina Furriela, Fernanda Garcia, and Carolina Menezes.

The Military Triathlon World Championship, organized by the Swiss Army this year, brought together approximately 120 athletes from 18 countries.
The Army Sports Committee trained the Brazilian team in Rio de Janeiro.

The victory, according to Col. Medina, the next step is the 2015 Military World Games delegation, in South Korea. “This is our main goal from now on”, he said.