Brazilian Marine Corps Commandant Visit Boosts Cooperation with U.S.

Brazilian Marine Corps Commandant Visit Boosts Cooperation with U.S.

By Dialogo
July 26, 2012

Winning the seat of host for the Summer Olympics in 2016, meant not only that it was the first time that a South American nation was chosen for this post, but also that the South American giant has a huge responsibility in the next four years. After all, in its preparations to also host the World Cup in 2014, millions of people from around the world will flock to the Samba nation to witness these events and their security will be heavily scrutinized.

Aware of this, Brazil’s current government put forth a national defense strategy to modernize and expand its forces, as it is expected that the Brazilian Armed Forces will play a vital role during the country’s preparation to host the events.

In order to forge stronger partnerships with a longstanding collaborator, Brazil and the United States have been looking to strengthen their partnerships with each other in many areas, including equipment, technology and security cooperation.

On June 23rd, Admiral Marco Antonio Corrêa Guimarães, Brazilian Marine Corps Commandant, visited the United States for a weeklong journey that included scheduled visits at key locations, such as the U.S. Marine Corps Forces South (MARFORSOUTH) headquarters, within the U.S. Southern Command in Miami, Florida; the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia; the II Marine Expeditionary Force in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC), in Quantico, Virginia; and the U.S. Marine Corps headquarters and Marine Barracks, 8th & I, in Washington, D.C.

Major General John Croley, Commander of MARFORSOUTH, extended the invitation to Adm. Guimarães to facilitate the visits around the country’s East Coast. Among them, the amphibious vehicle refurbishment and maintenance line in Albany, Georgia, where the admiral was able to see the capabilities of these vehicles. Highlights of this visit included aerial tours of Camp Lejeune aboard the UH-1Y “Venom” and MV-22 “Osprey” aircrafts; in depth discussions of amphibious vehicles maintenance and operations and the hosting of the traditional Sunset Evening Parade at Marine Barracks, 8th & I in Washington, D.C.

“Brasil is a strategic partner in the region and the Brazilian Marine Corps
has been an important contributor to international security as evidenced by
their support for peacekeeping operations in Haiti and Lebanon,” said Maj Gen Croley.

This visit strengthened ties between the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and the Brazilian Marine Corps, and supported an expansion of current security cooperation engagements with the South American nation.

“The visit represented the will to [continue to] build stronger bonds and military cooperation between Brazil and the United States, to benefit both institutions and their countries, in addition to the withstanding positive relationship between the two already,” said Brazilian Navy Commander Alexandre Silva, who accompanied Adm. Guimarães during his trip.