Brazilian Frigate “Rademaker” Conducts UNITAS LIV Operation

Brazilian Frigate “Rademaker” Conducts UNITAS LIV Operation

By Dialogo
August 27, 2013

On August 18, the Brazilian Navy Frigate “Rademaker” departed from the Naval Base in Rio de Janeiro to conduct the UNITAS LIV Operation.

This is a strictly military operation, and it has been combined to improve cooperation and strengthen friendship ties between the navies of Brazil, the United States, Canada, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and the United Kingdom, in order to maintain the level of training resources for the squadron through basic and advanced level exercises, and to evaluate exercises and tactics within a controlled environment.

In addition to docking in Key West, the Rademaker will dock at the ports of Belém (Brazilian state of Pará); Fortaleza (Brazilian state of Ceará), Cartagena, Colombia; Kingston, Jamaica, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.The arrival of the Frigate “Rademaker” in Rio de Janeiro is scheduled for October of this year.