Brazilian Champions From 1970 Mexican Tournament Welcome FIFA World Cup Trophy

By Dialogo
February 10, 2010

Well-known former players from the Brazilian team that won the World Cup in Mexico in 1970 welcomed the FIFA World Cup trophy in São Paulo Monday during the trophy’s visit to Brazil as part of an international exhibition tour. In a ceremony held at the Latin American Memorial, former players Carlos Alberto, Félix, Rivellino, Clodoaldo, and Edu headed the group welcoming the FIFA Cup on the second and final stage of its journey through Brazil. The five soccer players from the third of Brazil’s five world-championship teams, known as the ‘Tri,’ hoisted a world-championship trophy once again, after having hoisted the Jules Rimet Cup in Mexico in 1970. “It’s a pleasure for us to welcome this Cup here in Brazil. I also want to thank everyone for this homage to the champions of 1970; although there are younger champions, people still remember us forty years later,” Carlos Alberto, the captain of the team that won in Mexico, assured the press. The Cup arrived in Brazil last week and was welcomed in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday by Brazilian soccer’s greatest hero, the three-time world champion ‘King Pelé.’ The trophy is touring eighty-three countries to promote the 2010 South African World Cup, which will begin in July. The tour began on 21 September at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and will end in South Africa on 4 May. The ceremony inaugurated a special exhibit about the trophy at the Memorial, opening on Tuesday and expected to draw around ten thousand visitors on Tuesday alone. At this São Paulo institution, fans will be able to tour a thematic park about soccer, including large-screen multimedia presentations, videogames, and opportunities to play on mini soccer fields, to see a 3D movie about the sport, and to take pictures of themselves with the World Cup trophy. Brazil, which won the South American qualifying rounds by a wide margin, will be one of the principal favorites at the World Cup in South Africa, for which the current trophy was first awarded in Germany in 1974. Brazil won permanent possession of the Jules Rimet Cup as three-time champions in Mexico, but the trophy was stolen in Rio de Janeiro in 1983 and never recovered.