Brazilian Army Tests New Assault Rifle Imbel IA2

Brazilian Army Tests New Assault Rifle Imbel IA2

By Dialogo
August 30, 2013

The new assault rifles IA2 caliber 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm, designed by Brazilian military weapons manufacturer Imbel, are being tested before being introduced into the Armed Forces.

The Brazilian Army received a batch of 1,500 of these weapons in order to be evaluated by different operational units at Operation Bumerangue II, an operation carried out by the Amazonian Parachute Brigade, an elite unit that jumped on the Negro River equipped with 5.56 mm IA2 rifles (precursor and free jump operation).

The commander of the Parachute Brigade, Brigadier General Roberto Escoto, confirmed that these weapons operated successfully during the tests. “Imbel IA2 is a national project with the goal of replacing the old FAL and PARA-FAL rifles. We jump on the Negro River fully equipped for combat with the new 5.56 mm version, which is lighter, more sophisticated, polymer-based, and highly reliable, as it was proven during the tests in different scenarios.

These weapons may be used with different accessories produced in the country, such as laser sights, infrared thermal sights, 40 mm- grenade launcher, bayonets, etc. We are positive that the Imbel IA2 will be the perfect substitute for the FAL, a weapon that has become a legend in the Brazilian Army,” the military officer stated.

The potential order for the Imbel IA2 for the Brazilian Armed Forces could be in the range of over 500,000 units, and the weapon, ready to be exported, has attracted South American, African and Asian countries.

Congratulations to Imbel!! It was able to reinvent FAL and its derivates. It is the same rifle, but with a polymer pistol grip and a piccantiny rail, probably it has the same weight and other similar and obsolete characteristics. We shall wait to see how much it will cost, since the other IMBEL rifles are much more expensive than the imported “similar” ones. It is indeed very expensive to change the machinery, the production line and to invest in technology, but that’s the price to be paid if one wants a high-tech industry. The IA2 5,56 is a rifle totally new, with several modern characteristics, including the ability to shoot after being “submerged” in water.
On the other hand, the IA2 7,62 is the FAL… Yes, it will use some parts of the OLD fal, as handle/barrel/triggers which substituted only "upper/lower receivers and the frontguard.