Brazilian Armed Forces Perform Operation Atlantic III

Brazilian Armed Forces Perform Operation Atlantic III

By Dialogo
November 26, 2012

Between November 19 and 30, the Brazilian Navy, Army, and Air Force are developing Joint Operation “Atlantic III,” coordinated by the Ministry of Defense. The exercise involves approximately 10,000 troops from the three branches that work on operational activities, support of the population, and training in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul.

The scope of the operation includes the maritime area within the “Blue Amazon” and part of the national territory, with a special focus on maritime communication lines in the southern and southeastern regions, as well as on the defense of strategic structures, such as ports, refineries, hydroelectric and nuclear plants. In addition, part of the planning includes controlling the area and maritime traffic, interception missions, coastal defense, maritime patrol, logistic aerial transportation, anti-aircraft defense, and coordination and control of the aerial space.

The Brazilian Navy supplied two escort ships, two support vessels, two submarines, three patrol vessels, and six helicopters. The Army presented 96 lightweight vehicles, 101 transport vehicles, nine armored vehicles, and nine ambulances. Likewise, the Brazilian Air Force provided four attack aircrafts, five patrol airplanes, five transport aircrafts, and one helicopter.

Admiral Gilberto Max Roffé Hirschfeld, naval operations commander, will lead the operation with support from the Joint Staff, which consists of officers and soldiers from the three branches of the Armed Forces.

The objective of the operation, which is the result of a complex plan by the Ministry of Defense, coordinated by the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, is mainly to prepare for Brazil’s defense of marine resources and strategic structures.

Besides the Military events, there are some civic and social activities taking place in the area where the exercise is being performed. The local population has been receiving first aid and hygiene training, and benefits from medical and dental services.

For more information, visit the site According to my knowledge and familiarity, my comment is: let all of us go to work. What work disrespect did our Armed Forces commit? SEA, LAND and AIR: Joint Planning, Science and Technology, All Units Advancement: for and to our People and Country. Undoubtedly, these are the most serious things we can imagine and contribute in order for us to be successful. Best regards, Aureliano