Brazilian Air Force Squadron Helps with Patient Transportation

Brazilian Air Force Squadron Helps with Patient Transportation

By Dialogo
January 31, 2013

Since January 27, the Brazilian Air Force’s Onça (Jaguar) Squadron (1°/15° GAV) has provided support to victims of the fire at the night club in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul state. To date, the unit that operates the C-105 Amazonas airplanes performed four flights in the Santa Maria-Porto Alegre-Santa Maria route, and helped with the transfer of 25 high risk patients to the hospital in the capital.

The Onça Squadron has two crews, including two doctors, and it transports patients around the clock. Seven advanced aerial support units were assembled in the airplane, composed of one doctor, one nurse, and one assistant.

According to Captain José Ricardo Schwarz, commander of the airplane, this kind of mission requires certain precautions. “The airplane is prepared to fuel oxygen tanks, and test medical equipment so it is kept sterile. Therefore, we remain ready, until the last patient arrives. As soon as they are onboard we need to start the engines and the taxing process carefully and with agility”, he said.

I was Soldier and Corporal Dragonite, the armed forces have to work together with the state and national police forces, we are human beings with different technical training so that we can all perform our functions, what happens is that soldiers are prepared for war, but in those cases, since you ask for the public opinion, they are people with huge social responsibility and they are performing very well, with skills and technical courage because this starts from the moment one steps into the headquarters, already defending the country, police is at a provincial level, more concerned with civil life. greetings.