Brazilian Air Force Helicopters Will Be Part Of The Humanitarian Aid In Chile

Brazilian Air Force Helicopters Will Be Part Of The Humanitarian Aid In Chile

By Dialogo
March 08, 2010

I read about the humanitarian relief that Brazil is providing by the decision of the President. This is how all of us brothers should help and support each other. Nature does not choose by the color of our skin or by what religion we practice. This could happen to all of us. We must all start from that principle. I am happy to know that my country could help its neighbours because nobody is so poor that can’t help the others.

The two H-60L Black Hawk helicopters from the 7th Squadron of the 8th
Aviation Group of the Brazilian Air Force are already in the city of Concepción, in

During the trip there, which included crossing Argentina and the Andes
mountain range, studies were made of the climatic conditions in the lower-altitude

Above 10,000 meters, extra sources of oxygen would be necessary. The aircraft
will be part of the humanitarian aid, including search and rescue efforts, in the
regions affected by the earthquake and tsunamis. The Black Hawks can also be used
for the transportation of food and medicine to isolated areas.

“We are not sure how much time we will spend there, because we know that many
people need help. We all want to get there soon and see what we need to do and take
action, regardless of the number of days that will be necessary or the amount of
rest we will have,” explains a member of the Manaus Special Aviation Infantry
Battalion (BINFAE-MN), Lieutenant Renan Antunes.

According to him, the Brazilian Air Force personnel are especially prepared
to help with cases of broken bones and drowning.

“We are still unsure what we will encounter, but we are prepared. Because
this involves earthquakes, we are carrying supplies for immobilization and first-aid
kits, as well as rescue equipment for coastal areas,” he said, emphasizing that it
is a source of pride to participate in such missions.

“It’s very rewarding to be able to help someone get back to a normal life.
Every human being feels good being able to help others, Brazilians or