Brazilian Air Force Command Officers and General School Staff Visit SOUTHCOM

Brazilian Air Force Command Officers and General School Staff Visit SOUTHCOM

By Dialogo
November 06, 2013

“Writer Fernando Pessoa said in one of his poems that ‘sailing is necessary,
living is not necessary.’ I would add that, in our case, collaboration is
necessary.” This was the clear message communicated by U.S. Army Major General Ricky
Waddell, to the 41 colonels and three Brazilian Air Force (FAB) generals who visited
the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) on November 1.
Major General Waddell, Deputy Commander for SOUTHCOM Mobilization and Reserve
Affairs, lived for 17 years in South America during his career as a civil engineer,
12 of which were spent in Sao Paulo. He served as the host for the group that was
briefed on important updates about SOUTHCOM activities, with a special focus on
regional partnerships. During the Q and A session, Brazilian Military members
obtained first-hand information on the mission that is being carried out by SOUTHCOM
in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

According to the general director of Brazil’s Air Force War College, General
Dirceu Tondolo Noro, the colonels who visited SOUTHCOM, “were selected to attend the
last ten-month course of their career [aerospace policy and strategy course], to
enable them to perform all command, leadership and direction functions in the
Aeronautics Command. [The course] is also a prerequisite to be selected to become a
general of the Air Force”.
For General Noro, the visit of these officers to the United States is
essential in providing them an opportunity to create direct contacts and learn about
the military and organizational sides of the Americans, “just as it is essential to
perform joint work between the forces.” The FAB’s visit to Washington and to
SOUTHCOM has occurred in previous years, and, “we will make every effort to make it
happen again next year,” said Major General Waddell. Brazilian Air Force Generals
Maximo Ballatorre and Rogério Veríssimo were also present among the visitors.

For Gen. Waddell, this kind of visit fits perfectly in SOUTHCOM’s mission of,
among other purposes, aiming to strengthen the friendship bonds with regional
partner nations. “The largest and most professional military forces in the Western
Hemisphere are going to include the United States and Brazil. Our alliance with
Brazil dates back to World War II, so this is a continuation of six-and-a-half
decades of partnership. …We also cooperate in a range of activities based on our
mutual interests as nations,” he concluded.

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