Brazil Will Only Support Military Action In Libya If There Is UN Endorsement

Brazil Will Only Support Military Action In Libya If There Is UN Endorsement

By Dialogo
March 08, 2011

It seems to me that the chancellor of Brazil lives up to his name Patriota, because he has the audacity to draw a line in the sand limiting the actions of the U.S. Because they seem to be the owners of the world and consequently, all of the human species, they speak about human rights and condemn those who supposedly violate them. Who has committed the most genocide in the African and South American countries? Those who have done away with the documented history of humanity and its immediate heirs all in the name of doing away with terrorism in the world. And what does that make them? I think governments around the world have to defend human rights but my God the U.S. has no moral authority to talk about it, and Latin America must speed-up military union because these gentlemen of NATO have no respect for anyone and what they want is energy only for themselves we have to be careful with Venezuela because it has the largest reserve in the world and the U.S. have military bases in Colombia, another thing I think that the OPEC countries should not send a barrel or more to those who attack its allies
Brazil will support military measures or actions in Libya if they are endorsed by the United Nations, Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota said in a speech, the content of which was made public by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

“Any military initiative, including a no-fly zone, can only take place within the framework of due respect for the United Nations system,” the chief Brazilian diplomat said in a speech given in the Chinese capital, where he is on an official visit.

Patriota added that initiatives at present should be centered on the “search for dialogue” in order to try to bridge the confrontation between forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi and the opposition.

The foreign minister recalled that the Brazilian government supported Libya’s temporary suspension from the UN Human Rights Council a week ago and that Brasilia is defending the right of opponents of the Libyan regime to demonstrate.

“Brazil is in favor of freedom of expression, of the defense of improvements in human dignity, and we hope that dialogue can take place in a peaceful environment,” the foreign minister stated.

The international community is seeking to reach some kind of consensus on how to intervene in the Libyan crisis, in which forces opposed to Gaddafi are controlling part of the territory.

Brazil is currently a non-permanent (rotating) member of the United Nations Security Council, the body that would have to agree on any decision about military action in Libya.

Patriota spent two days in China engaged in high-level contacts to pin down details for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s planned trip to that country from 13 to 15 April.