Brazil Wants More Unmanned Air Vehicles on Borders

Brazil Wants More Unmanned Air Vehicles on Borders

By Dialogo
October 23, 2012

After two weeks of border defense activities in Operation Ágata 6, Brazil concluded the operation using their brand new unmanned air vehicles (UAV), where 1.1 tons of drugs were seized, the Ministry of Defense and the local press informed on October 20.

“Operation Ágata was such a success that the population requested us to repeat it in the future,” said Minister Celso Amorim on October 19 in Porto Velho, Brazil, in a statement released by the Ministry of Defense.

The minister highlighted the performance of the UAVs in the operations.

For two days, Amorim accompanied Operation Ágata 6, in which 13,000 troops of the Armed Forces and 500 public agents participated in the operation performed on the border area with Bolivia and Peru.

“In the first week of Operation Ágata 6, 1.1 tons of high-purity cocaine were seized, as well as 14 heavy vehicles, 221 boats, and eight people were arrested,” reported O Estado de São Paulo newspaper.

The final results of Operation Ágata 6 will be reported in the following days, announced the Ministry.

In June 2011, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff launched a strategic plan that contemplated the periodic mobilization of military groups on the borders supported by armored vehicles, aircraft, and boats, so as to bust the traffickers.

Operation Ágata 5 concluded in August, and it was carried out on the borders with Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay, an area of 3,900 kilometers where 17,000 military members participated. In 15 days, the troops arrested 31 people, and seized six tons of drugs, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Brazil shares borders of about 16,000 kilometers, of which almost 9,000 kilometers are river banks with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, Venezuela, and French Guyana.

The minister highlighted that the reinforcement of border control is carried out in coordination with neighboring countries, and he mentioned his recent trip to Bolivia for the donation of four H-1H helicopters.

Excellent work, without endangering human beings. I congratulate you.