Brazil, UK Sign Cooperation Agreement

By Dialogo
September 22, 2010

Very interesting and predictable, since Brazil has always been a client of British naval war material. but for the current situation is too little; because for the Brazilian navy to do its mission it needs to quadruple the above mentioned resources.
Following Brazilian President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva’s attempts at consolidating the country’s defense system through his National Defense Strategy started in 2008, the South American giant has now signed a cooperation agreement with the United Kingdom’s largest defense contractor, BAE Systems.

Known as the BAE deal, the multi-billion dollar contract will supply vessels to the Brazilian Navy, opening the gateway to Brazil’s further strengthening of its defense technology and equipment, said, a news source covering defense and security topics.

The agreement, according to Reuters, will include six patrol boats – costing between 93 and 120 million dollars each – and five or six Type-26 frigates. The patrol boats will more likely be used in general maritime security and search-and-rescue operations, as well as for surveillance and deterrence around the Brazilian offshore oil fields.

In addition, BAE Systems, was also adjudicated a contract to maintain and upgrade the vessels over the next 20 to 30 years.

Part of President Lula’s Defense Strategy included an objective to protect its enormous territory and the rich oil reserves off the Brazilian coasts, said Another objective of the Strategy included generating jobs through the creation of local factories for military equipment.

Brazil has already purchased four Scorpène-class diesel-electric attack submarines from France and is building a shipyard in Rio de Janeiro to develop and market its own similar models.