Brazil to Safeguard Confederations Cup with Monumental Border Operation

By Dialogo
April 26, 2013

Brazil will conduct a large military border operation in May to safeguard the Confederations Cup that will be held in June, an event considered the final rehearsal before the 2014 World Cup, President Dilma Rousseff announced on April 23.

“In May, a monumental military operation will be deployed all along our 16,000 km of land border to prevent crime and as a security shield for the Confederations Cup,” the President stated in her weekly column, ‘Conversation with the president.’ “Public security is the constitutional responsibility of the states, but the federal government has the duty to be present in the action area, and this is what we are doing,” the president confirmed.

The head of government did not provide any details on the number of troops involved in the seventh edition of “Operation Ágata,” which was first launched in August 2011 as part of a strategic plan for border surveillance. The Armed Forces and the Federal and State Police Forces have since been working in a coordinated way to counter the so-called transborder crimes, especially drug trafficking.

However, when the operation was announced in late 2012, Brazilian Minister of Defense Celso Amorim estimated that about 25,000 Navy, Army and Air Force troops would be deployed, which doubles the average number of members used in the previous six editions of “Operation Ágata.”

Considered the general test ahead of the 2014 World Cup, the Confederations Cup brings together eight soccer teams that will play each other between June 15 and 30 in six of the 12 World Cup venues.

The troops will be mobilized to control products, drugs, and weapons trafficking, as Minister Amorim previously stated.

Rousseff said that since the beginning of the strategy, 65 criminal organizations were disrupted and 360 tons of drugs were seized.

In addition to border control actions, Brazil will have a force of 1,200 troops specialized in terrorism and chemical weapons to guarantee the security of the Confederations Cup, the Army reported.

Although Brazil has not been the target of terrorist actions, the recent attacks at the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts has alarmed local authorities.

In addition to Chile and Ecuador, Brazil shares its borders with all other South American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, Venezuela, and French Guiana.

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