Brazil to Invest $215 Million to Modernize Radar Aircraft

Brazil to Invest $215 Million to Modernize Radar Aircraft

By Dialogo
January 22, 2013

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced the completion of a contract with the country’s Air Force for $215 million to modernize five radar aircraft, ahead of the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

The Brazilian company said in a statement that the agreement considers the modernization of electronic warfare systems in five EMB 145 aircraft, as well as their command and control and air surveillance radar systems.

The aircraft that will be modernized are known in the Brazilian Air Force as E-99, and are capable of detecting, tracing and identifying targets in their area of coverage, along with transmitting this information to their allied forces.

Additionally, they can perform intelligence and electronic interception, and border control tasks, said the statement.

Embraer is the third commercial aircraft manufacturer worldwide, after U.S. Boeing, and European Airbus.

In late 2012, the Brazilian government announced the creation of a military organization to prevent cyber attacks in view of the major sports events in the upcoming years.

It is impressive to see, when there are basic development policies and no matter what political model is used, how development is achieved in Brazil.
It is a shame that in our country we are getting close to economic development, but only in trivial aspects.
I am not making light of tourism, as far as simply presenting native dances or praising the excellent Peruvian food; but we have forgotten the nature of development, which is investing in projects that replace the volatility of tourism (food and native dances), since culture has many interesting aspects.
I believe that, if we respect ourselves, we should prioritize the preparation of a development project, structured appropriately, but obligatorily at a national level, in order to avoid that people - or better said political adventurers - like, for example, mayors, Regional Presidents, councilors and advisers, waste the resources of the Canon Minero and other resources in personal "Government Plans" that ultimately do no good. Hopefully our Congress (and its zoo), as well as the Executive and his Ministers, work towards that, so that we don't lose another opportunity, as always. This is a new Brazil.