Brazil Seized 62 Tons of Drugs on Its Borders in Four Months

By Dialogo
October 12, 2011

Brazil seized 62 tons of drugs on its borders in the last four months, President Dilma Rousseff announced on her program “Coffee with the President,” as part of a discussion of the results of the new Strategic Border Plan launched in June.

“We’ve had very positive results. More than 62 tons of drugs have already been seized in the last four months (…) that means that we’ve succeeded in preventing a large amount of marihuana, cocaine, and other drugs from reaching Brazilian cities,” Rousseff said.

One of the operations of that border plan, just concluded along Brazil’s borders with Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay, resulted in the seizure of a total of “650 kilos of explosives, in addition to weapons, ammunition, and drugs,” Rousseff explained.

In the Amazon, the plan led to the destruction of three clandestine airstrips used by traffickers, in addition to the deactivation of an illegal mine hidden in an indigenous area.

In those four months, 3,000 people were detained for illicit activity along the border, and 300 weapons and 65,000 rounds of ammunition were seized.

Rousseff launched this plan, which integrates the operation of the Armed Forces and the police in order to confront organized crime along the country’s 16,000 kilometers of border, and which calls for direct cooperation with neighboring countries, in June.

Brazil borders on nine South American countries, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname, in addition to French Guiana, which belongs to France.

PAY ATTENTION, GENTLEMEN OF PERU'S MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR: "BRAZIL SEIZED 62 TONS OF DRUGS ON ITS BORDERS IN FOUR MONTHS" WE NEED TO FOLLOW THIS EXAMPLE, AND WE CAN DO IT: THE ARMED FORCES AND THE POLICE. 52% of the drugs seized in Bolivia come from Peru and are destined primarily for Brazil. "Bolivia is now used as a transit country for drugs" (source:RPP 04-29-2011)