Brazil Opens With Rout In Women’s Football

Brazil Opens With Rout In Women’s Football

By Dialogo
July 17, 2011

Anyone who follows the Brazilian womens professionals soccer has heard of
Cilene Katia da Silva, 34. She played in four FIFA World Cups and two Olympic Games.
A sailor since 2009, on Saturday, July 16th, she introduced herself as an athlete in
military style.

Brazil beat France by 4-1at the San Gennaro stadium in Rio de Janeiro in the
women’s soccer tournament of the 5th Military World Games, Katia scoring two

The first came just four minutes into the game, with another one coming at
the 33rd minute before the break. Michele Reis and Melissa Sodré, chipped in the
other two. The French goal came at 40 minutes of the second half from Cynthia

“Katia is a player who is physically and technically good and is
unmistakable. It seems that time stands still for her, “said the Brazilian
coach, Lt. Daniel Gonçalves. Their challenge will be against Canada.

“The game was very centralized with me and Maycon. We know that we will
have a harder time in the game against Canada and collectively we have to play
better, but the players believe in our potential,” said the

Rear Admiral Marine Fernando Motta is thrilled with the results of the
Brazilian women. He recalls that this was the second Brazilian victory in the 5th
World Games. On Friday Brazil defeated Algeria by 1-0 in men’s soccer.

“We started on the right foot. Yesterday (Friday), the men did their
job against Algeria and the women did their part today beating France,” he

With Saturday’s victory, Brazil leads group A women’s with three
points, followed by France and Canada. In group B, Netherlands defeated Germany