Brazil Issues New Banknotes to Stymie Counterfeiting

Brazil Issues New Banknotes to Stymie Counterfeiting

By Dialogo
December 16, 2010

I have found knowing about the bills quite useful since I'm traveling to Brazil.-
Brazil’s central bank on 13 December issued millions of new large-denomination banknotes fitted with holograms and other security enhancements designed to make counterfeiting more difficult.

The introduction of the new 50- and 100-real notes is the first change to Brazil’s paper currency since the present money was launched in 1994 as part of a successful plan to beat back hyperinflation.

A central bank spokesman, Joao Sidney de Figueiredo, said the hologram, different watermarks and the choice of Brazilian animals depicted on them all would make it harder for criminals to make copies.

New 10- and 20-real banknotes are to be introduced next year, and the smallest two- and five-real notes in 2012, he said.