Brazil Hosts Unitas Amphibious

Brazil Hosts Unitas Amphibious

By Dialogo
November 18, 2015

It's very important to keep up with the events taking place here in our country. It is important to maintain all Allied Forces operational in South America. I suggest the reserves be trained as well with training held annually to avoid losing touch. This release of information to the Brazilian people is important. Yes..
I liked it. It is very positive
Since Brazil isn't at war

The Marines are always in good shape. I'm not military, but I have always followed the news about this operation that unites the Americas by defending the sovereignty of three Americas. Congratulations. THESE OPERATIONS WON'T GUARANTEE US THAT OUR BRAZIL WILL NEVER TURN COMMUNIST! THE ONLY ONES WHO REMAIN THAT CAN FINISH CLEARING OUT THE CORRUPT MISGOVERNING OUR COUNTRY ARE THE FEDERAL POLICE AND FEDERAL PUBLIC PROSECUTOR. STEP TO THE FRONT PATRIOTS! As an ex-Marine, I see it as critically important for our country and to better prepare our troops. This type of exercise is very important. Our troops trained and prepared. May the strength of love and light prevail on the planet. This exercise is very important for both the Brazilian Navy and Marine Corps, as well as its contingent because of the integration of countries, different customs, and different languages, for which the military can share information. It is very important for the Navy of Brazil. Congratulations on this initiative and to Brazil for hosting and giving a warm welcome to our fellow military counterparts. ADSUMUS (Here we are). I think it's excellent. I admire and respect the work of all service members. It is essential that information sharing always remain. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to stick around longer. Make yourself at home and please feel welcome. Brazil needs you. May God bless you and warm regards! Nice. I liked it. The countries in the Americas need to do more than just military exercises. We need to share experiences in all sectors: health, economy, fighting hunger and unemployment so that we can truly come together to counter the dreadful communist policy that degrades our countries. I don't want to see savage capitalism here, but rather, healthy capitalism that makes a country grow. Long live Brazil! And long live America! May God bless everyone. I was a Marine and I participated in this operation.
It is very important for we Brazilians.
I hope there are several more of these operations. It was great that the policies of the Armed Forces are in unison with the Naval Forces. The union of nations in priorities such as security is indispensable and just as the criminals advance to cause damage, so should we advance to counteract them.
This union of forces helps us to form closer ties of friendship among countries.
May God bless and help those involved. It's an exercise of great value and is necessary to measure Marine Corps members' level of Training. That multinational exercise allows for forming ties of friendship and security in the region. in 2016 will it be in rio de janeiro too ?

The second phase of the largest, annual, regional naval exercise has kicked off in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans of South America: UNITAS, which means “united” in Latin.

Brazil is the host of Unitas Amphibious (2015), a joint military training between the Marine Corps of various countries of the Americas. The event held November 15-24 is being led by the Brazilian Navy (MB), through the Marine Corps (FN) Command.

During a press conference on November 16 to explain the importance of UNITAS, the resources involved and the activities conducted, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Alexandre José Barreto de Mattos said that “The goal of Unitas Amphibious is to increase interoperability and planning and execution capabilities for amphibious operations among the Forces of the participating countries. In addition, there are also national goals, including a level of integration among participating nations and training the general staffs to conduct joint operations through use of a multinational force in a realistic regional scenario.”

The Commandant of the Brazilian Marine Corps explained during the press conference, held at the Brazilian Navy’s Marine Corps Training Center in Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro, that “UNITAS is intended to deepen friendly relations and mutual cooperation among the participating navies; to highlight and promote awareness of human rights; to establish relevant lessons learned, thus improving diplomatic relations; and foster the bonds of mutual cooperation already existing among the Marine Corps of the countries in attendance.”

Marine General Fernando explained that the exercise serves to prioritize collaboration in security matters and to improve coalition operations among the participating navies. The exercises are sponsored jointly by the United States and the partner nations of South America. Approximately 1,000 Marines from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and the United States are participating in the Atlantic phase of the exercises.

From November 15-18, the Brazilian Navy’s Marine Corps Training Center is offering training in marksmanship, military operations in urban areas, operations with aircraft, operations with amphibious vehicles, and training on human rights, among other activities. From November 19-23, on Ilha da Marambaia, Rio de Janeiro, the tactical execution phase of the Operation will be conducted, to include an amphibious incursion in a simulated hostile setting, with the goal of liberating refugees and rendering humanitarian aid to them.

A variety of the Brazilian Navy’s resources are being employed in the exercises, such as a Combat Vehicle Landing Ship (Navio de Desembarque de Carros de Combate – NDCC), a General Cargo Landing Ship (Embarcação de Desembarque de Carga Geral – EDCG), helicopters and Amphibious Tanks (Carros-Lagarta Anfíbios – CLAnf). The Mexican Navy, for example, is contributing an NDCC and helicopters.

Colonel Michael Cuccio, Chief of Staff at United States Marine Corps Forces, South, who also participated in the press conference, said that his country brought to the joint exercises, among other things, helicopters, Osprey vertical take-off and landing aircraft, in addition to the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) aircraft carrier. “During UNITAS, the forces participated in various security cooperation events in the theatre of operations, including military-to-military cooperation, humanitarian assistance, disaster response, joint exchanges, exercises and operations, in addition to maritime security.” Col. Cuccio also said that all the countries had benefited from this exchange, and that “no one is here to teach anyone else; instead, we all end up learning from each other.”

The first phase, organized by the Chilean Navy, was carried out in the Pacific Ocean October 14-25, and involved training forces from the Western Hemisphere in various maritime scenarios. Twenty ships or patrol boats participated, plus three submarines and various aircraft from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the United States and other countries. More than 7,500 service members attended the training, in six foreign units and seven Chilean Naval units. The activities took place between Valparaíso and Coquimbo and involved 14 war ships.

UNITAS began in 1960. It is the oldest multinational exercise organized by the US Navy.