Brazil Honors Military Athletes for Participation in London 2012

Brazil Honors Military Athletes for Participation in London 2012

By Dialogo
August 31, 2012

The 51 military athletes and 16 members of the technical commission who were part of the Brazilian delegation for the 2012 London Olympic Games were honored on August 29, by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, at the Physical Education Army School campus, in Fort São João, in Rio de Janeiro.

Minister of Defense Celso Amorim promised the group, who won 17 Olympic medals, that the Brazilian government would remain committed to maintaining investments to allow the country to surpass the bar set in the London 2012 events.

“In both sports and life, success is the result of determination, organization, effort, discipline, and self-improvement. You may feel confident that each one of you, in your own time and way, contributed significantly to the improvement and development of sports in Brazil. I reaffirm the commitment of the Ministry of Defense, to continue encouraging the development of Brazilian Military sports”, said the minister.

This year, Brazil took its largest military delegation to the Olympic Games. Based on the results from the 2011 Military World Games in Rio de Janeiro, where the country won first place, with 114 medals (45 gold, 33 silver, and 36 bronze), the Ministry of Defense began to invest in the team that would attend London this year.

The military athletes won five medals (one gold and four bronze) in London.

During a ceremony to honor the athletes, attention was focused on the medalists: Navy judokas Sarah Menezes (gold) and Mayra Marques (bronze), judoka Soldier Felipe Kitadai (bronze), judoka Sergeant Rafael Silva (bronze), and Sergeant Yane Marques, who won bronze in the modern pentathlon.

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