Brazil Donates Three Tucano Advanced Trainers to Paraguay

Brazil Donates Three Tucano Advanced Trainers to Paraguay

By Dialogo
January 04, 2011

The aircraft’s name is T-27 and not Tucano 727, and the picture shows an A-29B Super Tucano, which is an improved version of the T-27 Tucano aircraft.
Brazil has turned over three Tucano 727 planes for advanced pilot training to the Paraguayan Air Force and has received in exchange four Xavantes planes out of service since 2007 and an old Boeing 707. The country’s president, Fernando Lugo, participated in the ceremony.

“The Tucanos aren’t new, they’re refurbished, but they’ll serve for combat practice by our pilots,” Brig. Gen. Miguel Christ Jacbos, commandant of the Air Force, explained at a press conference.

The planes, he affirmed, are unarmed for that reason and can carry two people, the pilot and the student.

The Paraguayan officer explained that “legally, the Tucanos are a donation from the Brazilian government, by means of a law approved by the Congress, but in exchange, the Paraguayan state formally donated the 1967-model Boeing 707 to Brazil.”

The aircraft’s empty weight is 1810 kg, and its maximum weight is 3175 kg. The wingspan is 11.14 m.

The military cooperation includes technical advice and logistics, among other things, according to information provided by the Armed Forces Communication Directorate.

The Boeing 707 made its last flight in 2005, carrying the Paraguayan soccer team to Quito to compete in a match in the elimination rounds for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It was the last survivor of the fleet of the extinct Paraguayan airline Líneas Aéreas Paraguayas (LAP), sold to the Ecuadorean airline Cielos de América for thirty million dollars in 1991.

The Paraguayan president received the three military planes during an event held at the “Silvio Pettirossi” Base of the First Air Brigade, better known as the Air Tactical Group, located in the city of Luque.

The head of state viewed the planes and climbed up on a wing, where he received technical explanations from one of the Paraguayan pilots.
Other participants in the ceremony were the Brazilian ambassador, Eduardo Dos Santos, and the head of the Brazilian Air Force General Staff, Manuel Sandín de Rezende.