Bombardment in Colombia Leaves 7 FARC Guerrillas Dead and 5 Captured

By Dialogo
November 03, 2011

Seven guerrillas dead and five captured is the partial toll after the Colombian Air Force bombed a camp belonging to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in a rural area of the municipality of Vista Hermosa, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón said.

“Government forces struck a decisive and telling blow against that Eastern Bloc structure. Up to now, seven bodies have been found. Five other guerrillas were captured, and abundant war matériel was seized,” Pinzón told reporters.

The official indicated that 26 rebels belonging to Front 42 of the Eastern Bloc, one of the most important FARC factions, were in the camp.

“Very frankly, due to the way in which the operation was conducted, we believe that casualties may be higher than those we have reported up to now,” Pinzón added.

Alias “Javier” or “Jota,” the head of Front 42, might be among those dead in the bombing, conducted early Monday morning on October 31, the minister subsequently indicated. “Due to the state in which the bodies were left, it has not been possible to make complete identifications,” he explained.

According to Government figures, the FARC currently has around 8,000 members.