Bolivian Police Seize 300 kg of Cocaine at Paraguayan Border

By Dialogo
December 06, 2012

Counter drug authorities seized 300 kilograms of cocaine paste and a light aircraft in an operation performed in an eastern Bolivian town, near the Paraguayan border, the Bolivian Police informed on December 4.

“UMOPAR (Bolivian Mobile Rural Patrol Unit) accessed an illegal landing strip in Taperas, where they confiscated 300 kilograms of cocaine. A light aircraft with Bolivian registration was also seized at that same location,” Colonel Eduardo Barrientos, regional head of counterdrug forces, told the press.

The Military officer said that the pilot in charge of the aircraft was arrested, and that he confessed the cargo was to be transported to Izozog, near the Paraguayan border.

A rural property was also intervened during the operation, where they arrested two more people and confiscated weapons, ammunitions and radio equipment.

According to the United Nations, Bolivia is the third largest cocaine producer worldwide, after Peru and Colombia.