Bolivian Anti-Drug Force Seizes Half Ton of Cocaine

By Dialogo
April 02, 2012

The Bolivian anti-drug force seized half a ton of cocaine that was going to be transported to Europe by way of Brazil, a high-ranking police commander announced on March 28.

In three police operations in the city of Santa Cruz (in the eastern part of the country), 17 traffickers were arrested and two pieces of real estate, eight vehicles, and an undetermined number of firearms were seized, Colonel Fernando Amurrio, head of the anti-narcotics police force (FELCN), told reporters.

The bulk of the contraband, 350 kg, was discovered on March 27 at a factory in the town of Montero Hoyos, near the city of Santa Cruz, Amurrio indicated.
“We found 160 packages of cocaine sulfate, 350 liters of liquid cocaine, and a large amount of chemical precursors, in addition to high-caliber weapons,” the police commander explained.

In addition, 7 kg were seized in a working-class neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

The individuals arrested, apparently led by a woman whose identity is being withheld, were transferred to the regular judicial system on March 29.

Bolivia is the world’s third largest cocaine producer, after Colombia and Peru.