Bolivia Seizes 7.7 Tons of Cocaine This Year

By Dialogo
May 22, 2013

From January to date, the Bolivian police seized 7.7 tons of cocaine – paste and hydrochloride – of which 50% came from Peru, Counter Drug Chief Col. Gonzalo Quezada reported on May 20, in La Paz.

“From January to date, we have seized 7.7 tons of cocaine,” Bolivian Director of Counter Narcotics Special Force (FELCN) Quezada told the press, adding that “a great deal of the drug, about 50%, came from Peru.”

According to the United Nations, Bolivia is the third largest producer of coca crops and cocaine after Peru and Colombia, and it seized 38 tons of coca paste and cocaine hydrochloride in 2012, while making efforts for three decades to reduce coca crops, which now total an area of 29,200 hectares.

The chief of police also reported that Peru has requested to conduct trinational counter drug operations with Brazil, since the cocaine departing Peru towards Bolivia, as well as the cocaine produced by Bolivia, is mainly shipped to Brazil, and then to Europe.

“We are going to conduct two important operations in border areas,” Col. Quezada stated, and added that actions will start “in the next 60 days.”

Bolivia, located in the heart of South America, shares a 1,131-kilometer border with Peru, and a 3,133-km one with Brazil.