Bolivia Seizes 10 Tons of Cocaine in 2012

By Dialogo
April 12, 2012

In various anti-drug operations, Bolivia’s anti-narcotics force seized 10.1 tons of cocaine paste in the first quarter of 2012, more than double the amount recorded in the same period the previous year, an official source announced.

Simultaneously, in the first three months of the year, police brigades succeeded in manually destroying 2,096 hectares of excess plantings of coca, the chief raw material for cocaine, Deputy Social Defense Minister Felipe Cáceres announced.

In the Chapare region, where President Evo Morales got his political start, 1,703 hectares were eradicated from the total surface area. Another 370 hectares were destroyed in the Yungas region, a traditional coca-growing area where the bulk of production of the plant is located.

In light of these results, “Bolivia is meeting the goals of eradication [of excess coca fields] and co-responsibility [with cooperating countries] in the fight against drug trafficking,” Cáceres declared at a press conference.

During the same period, the country’s anti drug special force also seized 208 tons of marijuana.