Bolivia Eradicates 7,786 Hectares of Coca This Year

By Dialogo
September 18, 2012

The Bolivian government has eradicated 7,786 hectares (19,239 acres) of illegal coca crops, so far this year, which is closer to the amount that counterdrug laws established as the mandatory annual goal, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Interior on September 15.

The largest percentage of reduction occurred at Trópico de Cochabamba, with 5,930 hectares (14,653 acres), while in the Yungas region of La Paz (traditional crop area) 1,650 hectares (4,077 acres) were eradicated, according to the document issued by the state office in charge of countering drug trafficking.

Most of the eradication procedures were agreed upon by coca leaf producers, and only a small portion required forced destruction of crops.

The official document specifies that 9,664 operations were performed, in which 31 tons of cocaine were seized, mainly coming from Peru.

According to United Nations reports, Bolivia has 31,000 hectares (76,602 acres), of which 12,000 hectares (29,652 acres) have been legally recognized for traditional use, such as chewing, medicine, and Andean religious rituals.