Belize Increases Forensic Ballistics Capability

By Dialogo
October 01, 2011

Identifying the weapons and bullets used in the commission of crimes is a necessity
for criminal investigators. Forensic ballistics is a key capability to provide the
scientific evidence necessary to prosecute criminals.
Through the 7th Technical and Scientific Cooperation Program Belize-Mexico
2010-2012, more than 40 members of Belize’s police department and Forensic Science Service
received training from the Mexican police forces in May 2011.
The training is the first of four courses in the cooperative program aimed to build
capacity in forensics by training Belizean personnel in new methods and techniques regarding
ballistics. The training included the identification of firearms and ammunition, microscopic
analysis, ballistics laboratory standards, an introduction to the Integrated Ballistics
Identification System and field work.
Sources: The Reporter, Embassy of Mexico in Belize