Beach Volleyball at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

Beach volleyball follows the basic rules of indoor volleyball, but with a few adjustments. The first of these is the number of players: there are only two on each side. The other is the number of points needed to complete a set: twenty-one in beach volleyball and twenty-five in indoor volleyball.

A match is the the best of three sets. In other words, to win a game, it is necessary to win two sets. The tie-breaker is the same, and the winner is the first one to score twenty-one points.

The objective of beach volleyball is the same as that of indoor volleyball, to make the ball touch the ground on the opponent’s side, but in order to score a valid point, the ball must pass between the two antennas positioned at the ends of the net.

This good for everybody because it is volleyball and it can be learned and its cool because when you go to the beach you can do it and when I make it a game like this its easy for everybody to pla because its cool and can teach someone and you can do a lot of things, teach and make a class out of it, it’s that simple that’s why I looked on Google for the volleyball games to play while one is bored you can play this and your boredom will end easily and be prepared to be entertained from your computer it is easy, that is why I got involved