Barack Obama Sworn In as 44th President

By Dialogo
January 22, 2009

Barack Obama was sworn in as U.S. president with an appeal to Americans to work ‎together to overcome the challenges of the nation in a time of economic crisis and two ‎wars. ‎ The new president spoke to a crowd of more than one million people at the National Mall ‎in Washington, Tuesday, having sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United ‎States. ‎ Obama said the country faces an economic crisis caused by greed and collective inability ‎to make tough decisions. ‎ The new president said that the state of the economy requires a swift and bold action to ‎create new jobs and the basis for further growth. ‎ With regard to foreign policy, Obama promised that the U.S. is ready to lead again and ‎cooperate with the world. ‎ Obama promised to leave Iraq responsibly and build peace in Afghanistan. Obama said the United States seeks a new way forward in the Muslim world based on ‎mutual interest and respect and pledged to work together with the peoples of poor nations ‎for their improvement. ‎ Obama, a Democrat, is the first African American president and ended eight years of ‎Republican control in the White House under the presidency of George W. Bush.‎