Bachelet Warns That Rebuilding Will Last Through Piñera’s Entire Term

Bachelet Warns That Rebuilding Will Last Through Piñera’s Entire Term

By Dialogo
March 05, 2010

The rebuilding of Chile following the disastrous earthquake that devastated
the center and south of the country early Saturday will last for practically the
entire four years that Sebastián Piñera will be in charge, Chilean president
Michelle Bachelet affirmed today.

“Practically all of the next administration” will have to be dedicated to
responding to the emergency and the rebuilding of the broad region affected by the
earthquake, which has left 802 dead and an undetermined number of injured among its
two million victims.

“I’m emotionally affected, because the country didn’t deserve this,” the
president confessed to the broadcaster ADN, her voice faltering, after falling
silent for several seconds while describing the desolate scene she found on
traveling to the affected regions immediately after the disaster.

The president announced that she and the ministers responsible for the
agencies most directly involved in responding to the humanitarian emergency will
meet on Thursday with President-Elect Sebastián Piñera, who will take office on the

“Chile has to have confidence; we are in a position to move forward,”
Bachelet affirmed, admitting - nevertheless - that “it’s going to take time.” The
president considered unacceptable the failure of the alarm system set up to warn of
the risk of ‘sea-quakes,’ a phenomenon that followed Saturday’s earthquake and
flattened numerous coastal towns.

For this reason, she said that an investigation needs to be opened into the
reasons why a tsunami warning was not issued in time.