Baby Crocodiles Seized from “Lacoste”

By Dialogo
August 16, 2012

An operation against a drug trafficking group known as “Lacoste” in Río de Janeiro resulted in the death of five people, and the seizure of two baby crocodiles, drugs and various weapons, said the Brazilian Military Police (PM) on August 14.

Reinforced by armored vehicles and two aircraft, elite Military Police raided one of Río’s slums in an effort to combat drug trafficking and improve the safety of the city prior to the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics in 2016.

The soldiers were occupying a home that belongs to “Lacoste” members, known to traffic drugs in the area, when they found the baby crocodiles, along with clothing and accessories with French designer Lacoste’s logo, described the official statement.

During the operation, confrontations arose, resulting in five dead and five arrested suspects. The PM did not provide an immediate answer regarding the fate of any “Lacoste” members.

In addition to the animals, authorities seized 11 firearms of different calibers, drugs, ammunition, a car and three motorcycles.

Since 2008, Río’s Armed Forces have developed a strategy to remove the drug traffickers out of the slums to ensure security at the world’s largest sporting events.