Authorities Dismantle Clandestine FARC Broadcast Station in Eastern Colombia

By Dialogo
November 22, 2011

The Colombian Army dismantled a clandestine radio station operated by the FARC communist guerrilla group in a rural area of the department of Meta (in eastern Colombia), the military announced.

The ‘Voz de la Resistencia’ [Voice of Resistance] station, which was located in a rural area of the municipality of Cubarral, was administered by the General Staff of the Eastern Bloc of the communist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), according to a statement issued by the Army’s 13th Brigade.

In April 2010, this same station was dismantled, having operated in the region over the course of at least 15 years, but “a few months ago it had been set up again by the insurgents,” the report indicated.

The station served for the “political indoctrination of FARC members at the same time as for launching harsh criticism against the institutions of the state,” according to the Army intelligence service.

The service reported that the broadcast station was protected by “60 improvised explosive devices, and around 12 kilos of black gunpowder, six cans of liquid solder, and around 12 more kilos of explosive substances and shrapnel were also found at the location.”

No clashes with guerrilla factions or arrests were reported.

In the same area, the Army also dismantled nine camps with the capacity to house between 30 and 50 rebels, equipped with bedrooms, kitchens, ovens, and laundry areas.

The Ecuadorean daily El Universo reported in February that a broadcast station operated by this guerrilla group was transmitting messages from Colombia that were inviting young Ecuadoreans in the province of Sucumbíos to enlist in the group and that its FM range even extended as far as a Peruvian town.