Australia: New Zealand and Australia Share Tools

By Dialogo
January 01, 2011

Australia will have access to New Zealand’s amphibious ship HMNZS Canterbury through a joint forces initiative.
“HMNZS Canterbury’s amphibious-lift capability will be particularly important in our region over the next few years [as] the Royal Australian Navy faces challenges in amphibious capability,” said Stephen Smith, Australian defense minister.
A joint report will outline the proposals to improve bilateral engagement structures and strengthen strategic bilateral exchanges to ensure cost-efficiency, complementary military capabilities, and the implementation of policies.
The Pacific-focused Ready Response Force, or RRF, will result in New Zealand Defence Force personnel placed at the Deployable Joint Forces Headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.
“We have agreed that, to maintain a robust capability to respond to regional contingencies, the Australian and New Zealand defense forces will jointly develop and exercise plans under the RRF for a common response to contingencies, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” New Zealand Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said.
In addition, Mapp announced that New Zealand will provide a maritime surveillance advisor to the Cook Islands in support of the patrol boat given to that country by Australia. Both countries will expand their cooperation in English language training for regional militaries, starting with Vietnam, to increase the number of personnel eligible for training courses in New Zealand and Australia.